2019 Wilton Old Home Days

“Wilton – Why We Come Home”

August 17th – 25th

Welcome to Wilton Old Home Days for 2019. Its been 120 years since New Hampshire towns first started celebrating their unique holiday known as Old Home Days. Wilton wasn’t one of the first to participate and it isn’t one of the biggest. But we pride ourselves on being one of the best. Hopefully this website will inform all of our neighbors, near and far, of the 9 days of bands, concerts, and other entertainments the committee has worked so hard to provide.

This year’s working group has been one of the biggest and most enthusiastic in years and we think you’ll find they have come up with a little something for everyone. Old Home Days is a celebration of community and coming home. So the rest is up to you, citizens and friends of Wilton new and old. Please join us!

-Gary Crooker