Whiting Park

Whiting Park, located directly in front of FRES Elementary School, will host a majority of the WOHD events.

Label Art/Wisconsin Packaging Group

This location will mark the start of the WOHD parade.

WLC High School

Wilton-Lynderough High School will host the Disc Golf Tournament.

Carnival Hill Field

The Carnival Hill Field softball diamond will host the 4th annual ‘Battle of the Badges’ between the Wilton Police and Firemen!

The Red House

The ‘Red House’ is directly across from the Wilton Unitarian Church in beautiful Wilton Center.

South Yard Cemetery

The South Yard Cemetery will host the ‘Tombstones Talking event.

Second Congregational Church

The Second Congregational Church will host the Ham & Bean Supper as well as the Wilton Old Home Days closing ceremony.

Curtis Farm

Curtis Farm will host the ‘Flat to Farm’ Event.

Wilton Legion

The Wilton Legion will host an open house following the Flag Retirement Ceremony.

Wilton Fire Department

The Wilton Fire Department lawn will host the Current/Retired Firefighter dinner.

Wilton Town Hall Theater  

The Wilton Town Hall Theater will host Way-Way-Way Off Broadway Presentation.

Townsend Ridge Country Club

The Townsend Ridge Country Club will host the 14th annual WOHD Golf Tournament.

Catheredral of the Pines

Catheredral of the Pines will host the Second Congregational Church 10 AM service on 8/25/19.